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In 2023, Bremer will be launching a range of sporting initiatives to further develop our sporting identify and presence in both local and state competitions.

CISSSA Competitions:

Firstly, Bremer State High School is part of the Combined Secondary School Sport Association (CISSSA). CISSSA is a sporting association made up of secondary schools in the Ipswich and surrounding districts. CISSSA Sport is played as home-and-away games after school, or as a one-day carnival. There is a winter and summer season comprising of various sports including Rugby League, Futsal, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Touch Football, Soccer, Netball, Tennis, and Hockey.

Teams are assigned according to year level groups, often with Junior Students (Years 7- 9) and Senior Students (10-12). CISSSA sports often rely on parents/carers to provide transport to keep costs to a minimum.

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High Performance Academy:

The Bremer High Performance Academy provides student athletes and their families with a specific and individual educational pathway to best support their sporting dreams and aspirations. We understand that students who engage in high performance sporting pathways need various levels of differentiated support and assistance in order to help them achieve sporting and academic goals.

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Sporting Academies:

To provide our Year 7 and 8 students with a strong foundation in their chosen sport, Bremer will launch their first ever Sporting Academies in 2023. Students will work with qualified and experienced coaches to develop skills in their chosen sporting area, including Rugby League, Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Futsal, Touch Football and Australian Rules.

Sporting Excellence Scholarship:

Bremer State High School offers two-year Sporting Excellence Scholarships to students who demonstrate high performance in one or a range of competitive sports or activities.

For the duration of their enrolment in Year 7 and 8, students awarded the scholarship are expected to:

  • Enrol in the Bremer Sports Academy (in-curriculum program)
    • Select from: AFL, Basketball, Football/Futsal, Hockey, Rugby League, Netball, Touch Football or Volleyball
  • participate in interschool sporting competitions (eg: CISSA) in their chosen sport
  • participate in school sporting carnivals and events
  • maintain or improve their school reported academic, behaviour and effort ratings.

Students can apply for a Year 9 and 10 scholarship at the end of Year 8.

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Experience Days:

To provide future and prospective students with an experience of life at Bremer, a range of Sporting Experience Days will be offered in 2023. Sports will include Rugby League, Basketball, Netball, Hockey, Soccer, Futsal, Australian Rules and Touch Football. Stay tuned to Bremer Social Media for more information about when these days are on.


 For more information please contact our Director of Sport at: mseil​

Stay tuned for more information about exciting new sporting opportunities that Bremer students can engage with.​

Last reviewed 17 March 2023
Last updated 17 March 2023