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​At Bremer State High School, we extend a warm welcome to all new families joining our learning community. This webpage contains essential information that will be of use to students who are commencing their studies at our school.​

​Key staff

At Bremer State High School, we have Deans and Year Coordinators assigned to each year level. They are responsible for providing day-to-day support to students and overseeing their pastoral care. If you have any questions or concerns, your student's Dean should be your initial point of contact. They will be able to guide you appropriately and provide you with the necessary information.

Learn more by visiting the Our Staff page. This includes contact details. 


Bremer State High School has established a dress code policy that is applicable to students at all times, including while travelling to and from school, attending classes, and representing our institution. To comply with the dress code policy, you can purchase appropriate clothing items from the P&C Uniform Shop, which is conveniently situated on Campus.

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOx)

From 2023, all Year 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 students will be required to participate in the BYOx program (Year 9 will be included from 2024). This program requires students to bring a device such as a laptop or tablet to school to support their learning. Android devices are not supported.

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Student Resource Scheme (SRS)

All resources such as software, books and textbooks will be supplied to students who are part of the Student Resource Scheme (SRS). If you are not part of the SRS you will need to purchase these items. 

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Recommended stationery requirements.​

Location and campus map

The school is located at 133 - 153 Warwick Road, Ipswich QLD, adjacent the University of Southern Queensland and Ipswich Showgrounds.

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Bus transport

The school is serviced by a range of bus routes by Bus Queensland and TransLink.

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Day structure and class times

daystructure.PNGThe day structure and class times operate Monday through to Friday. 

Students are expected to attend school and arrive at each session on time. 

A 45-minute major break and 30-minute minor break are provided for students to eat, drink, socialise, use school facilities and prepare for classes.​​​

Student Code of Conduct

We encourage parents and carers to learn about our approaches to sustaining a positive culture, supporting productive student learning behaviours and managing student behaviour consequences by reading our Student Code of Conduct (2021-2023). All Queensland state schools are required to have a Student Code of Conduct that has been developed with community consultation.

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Interschool Sport

Bremer State High School is part of the Combined Ipswich Secondary School Sport Association (CISSSA). CISSSA is a sporting association made up of secondary schools in the Ipswich and surrounding districts. CISSSA Sport is played as home-and-away games after school, or as a one-day carnival. There is a winter and summer season comprising of various sports including Futsal, Volleyball, Cricket, Basketball, Touch Football, Soccer, Netball, Tennis, and Hockey.

Teams are assigned according to year level groups, often with Junior Students (Years 7- 9) and Senior Students (10-12). CISSSA sports often rely on parents/carers to provide transport to keep costs to a minimum.

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Last reviewed 12 May 2023
Last updated 12 May 2023