Bring Your Own Device


​​​​​From 2023, all Year 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12 students will be required to participate in the BYOx program (Year 9 will be included from 2024). This program requires students to bring a device such as a laptop or tablet to school​ to support their learning. Android devices are not supported.​

Students using their own device will be: 

  • Operating in a digital classroom – Accessing lesson material, assessment and a dedicated student working space that can be used to collate notes, conduct research and online learning.

  • Using software and processes that are consistent with industry practice, preparing our learners for career development and the workforce.

  • When appropriate, have the opportunity to receive feedback on learning and assessment from teachers.

Joining BYOx Program

  1. Check your device specifications against our requirements found in the BYOx parent handbook (PDF, 994KB), to ensure your device is compatible. Devices must have a 5Ghz wireless capable card, if you aren't sure please double check with the manufacturer/vendorWithout this your device will not be able to connect to our network.

  2. Read and fill out the last page of the BYOx student charter (PDF, 1.2MB) then either:

    1. Print and return the completed form to the Student Counter

    2.  Or; email the filled out copy to

  3. Enrol your device before bringing it to school using the help guides below.

​​More information about inTune and BYOxLink can be found here: BYOxLink Information and User Guides.

Help Videos

Windows help sheets


BYOx Program – Equity Program

We recognise that the BYOx program raises a financial cost on students and their families in supplying a device. At the same time, the program can only function if all students have access to appropriate technological resources in all of their classes. Bremer State High School takes seriously the role of public education in ensuring all students have access to the same learning outcomes. The purpose of the BYOx Equity Policy is to establish the framework for the BYOx program to provide this for all students, irrespective of their families' financial circumstances.

          ​Return completed application to the HOD Teaching and Learning (Mrs Wa​lker)​

BYOx Program – All Other Students

Students in other year levels may bring a device to support their learning once their caregiver has signed the BYOx Student Charter.

Microsoft Office for Personal Devices

All state school students from Prep to Year 12 can now download multiple free copies of the Microsoft Office Suite to their personal home and mobile computer equipment. Students who want the free software will need an active Managed Internet Service (MIS) login, school email account and password - those who do not have these should contact their school's MIS Administrator or class teacher. The administrator will help students activate their MIS login. Currently, MS Office Suite is available for students' personal equipment only - not equipment which is part of a school network. The following information has been designed to support students with the download:

If they have any further issues, they will need to speak to their MIS Administrator.

OneDrive for Students (Cloud Storage)

From 21 June 2018, students in our school will be able to access Microsoft’s OneDrive for Business through the MIS Gateway.

OneDrive for Business provides a secure place on the internet where school-related files can be stored, shared and synced.

Below is a link to information outlining how OneDrive will function within the department’s IT network, as well as information packs for parents and students.

Who will gain access?

Students across all year levels will gain access providing they have at least a 0.1 FTE enrolment at your school.

Each student will gain access to:

  • a OneDrive for Business library with five terabytes of storage per person

  • an expanded suite of Office Online web applications, including OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

OneDrive quick start guide for students (PDF, 760KB)

Last reviewed 06 July 2022
Last updated 06 July 2022